May 23, 2019

Meet Billie Jean

Hello, Boston! My name is Billie Jean and I’m looking for a nice home where I’ll be loved and doted on. At just five months, this teeny weeny girl came to the MSPCA in June.

She’s spayed and gets along with other dogs but mostly ignores cats. If you have another pet in your home, a proper introduction would be best before adoption. This delicate sweetheart should go to a home without children due to her small size.

Because Billie Jean is still a puppy, she has a ton of energy. An ample amount of exercise for her should include daily walks and a bit of play time to keep her a happy and healthy pup. She was taught to use pee pads in her previous home but she has been receiving some training and should be going outside on her own fairly soon.

Besides being the ultimate lap dog, special consideration should be taken because Billie Jean recently had surgery on her leg. The poor girl was born without a joint in her shoulder some minor special care will need to be taken as to not accidentally hurt her in her fragile state. For more information, feel free to call the MSPCA at 617-522-5055 or drop them an email at

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