February 16, 2019

Labor of Love

It’s a Labor of Love at the Animal Rescue League. They’re preparing for a long holiday weekend and are asking that you stop by and meet your adoptable dog of the week, Happy!
Happy is a super affectionate and playful 6 month-old male Australian Cattle Dog mix. This neutered boy was found roaming the streets of Revere. His name couldn’t be more appropriate because he is always, always, always, happy! He loves to play with other dogs and likes to go for long walks. Happy would make a great workout partner since he enjoys to go running with his human friends. Overall, he just loves any outdoor activity.

Happy has excelled and learned a lot of basic training at ARL and has become quite a gentleman. He’s always showing off what he has learned, especially when a delicious treat or fun reward is involved. Happy knows many commands including sit, down, paw, rollover and go to crate. He’s a quick learner and is eager to please.

To learn more about this lovable, handsome boy, feel free to stop by the Animal Rescue League of Boston. You can reach them at 617-226-5602. They’re open Tuesday through Thursday 1- 7pm & Friday through Sunday 1-4pm, excluding some holidays.

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