May 21, 2019

Merry Max

Another wonderful year has gone by. Why not ring in 2013 with a new love in your life by adopting a homeless pet? Check out your adoptable dog of the week, Boston: Meet Max.

Max here is a 5 month old Pit Bull Mix. He is a new kid on the block at the Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center. His ideal home would be with a family that loves him and will spend time training and exercising him to keep him happy and healthy.

Max would do best in a home without small children as he is still a young pup and enjoys exploring things by jumping and using his mouth. Kids over the age of 10 would be best.  Max loves other dogs but should have a proper introduction if you have another pup in your home. He does not, however, have a history of living with cats.

Since Max is still a young lad, he will need ample exercise. He enjoys nice long walks, runs, playing and training sessions, which help tire him out. For a puppy, Max has been doing a good job of keeping his kennel clean but he does have the occasional accident. As with any dog, a consistent routine will help him keep your house clean. Max really is a good boy and loves spending time with everyone he meets.

For more information about Max, contact the Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center by calling 617-522-5055 or drop them an email at

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