May 21, 2019

Dapper Dakota

It’s the last day of May – plenty of time to mozy on down to your local shelter and find the love of your life. Doggie companions have been known to lower stress levels and are an instant mood-lifter. Meet your adoptable dog of the week, Dakota.

Dakota here is a 5 years young Chihuahua mix. He is a neutered male weighing around 12 pounds. Dakota came to the MSPCA adoption center because his owner passed away. Luckily, his nice neighbor took me Dakota in and brought me to the shelter to help him find a new – and hopefully forever – home. Dakota was given the Best Smile award at the the adoption center and for good reason!

He might be a little guy, but Dakota sure has a lot to say (woof woof!) so he would do best in a home where his new owner doesn’t mind that he likes to express his opinions. Although he can be chatty, he does love quiet time. Dakota has never lived with another dog before, but he did have a kitty friend in his last home.

As for exercise, this handsome boy would be perfectly happy with a few walks around the block everyday and maybe even a few training classes together. For more information about this neutered boy, contact Boston’s MSPCA shelter by calling 617-522-5055 or drop them a note at

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