May 21, 2019

Meet Xena the Princess

She’s no warrior, but Xena is most certainly a princess. So check out your adoptable dog of the week, Boston!

Xena has been a pretty happy gal since her arrival at Boston’s MSPCA Animal Care and Adoption Center. She is a 2 year old Pit Bull mix and she’s around 51 pounds. Her favorite activity is currently fetch, as long as you throw it far and high as she loves to hunt them down.

Xena is an energetic girl who is quite the high jumper. She can be very easily excitable but she calms down quickly when you pet her along her back. Xena is a strong girl and would do best in a home with older robust kids.

She is a very playful lady and would love a dog companion if you have one in your home as long as they are properly introduces. Xena has been learning manners thanks to the shelter staff. So far she can sit and she’s working on “lay down.” This lovely young lady is patiently waiting for the love of her life. Are you the one?

For more information about Xena, contact the MSPCA of Boston by calling 617-522-5055 or drop them an email at

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