May 21, 2019

Snuggling Shayna

Your adoptable dog of the week, Boston, sure is a pretty little thing. Did we say little? HA!

Check out Miss Shayna! This darling 7 year old Boxer girl had a great loving home but her previous owner’s home was being foreclosed on which forced him to make the difficult decision of giving her up. Now she’s hanging out at the MSPCA searching for her next snuggle buddy (lucky you)!

Shayna weighs in at 55 pounds and she is probably one of the sweetest girls you will ever meet. She’s pretty easy going and is easily content. All she really needs is some love and attention or a stuffed toy (does it have a squeaker?!) and she is content. Shayna is not the biggest sharer (she loves rawhide treats) so a home with older kids or adult-only would be ideal.

Have another pup? A proper introduction is a must to make sure they get along swimmingly.  As for kitty friends, she has lived with one before. Cats in the home? A dog-savvy cat would probably be best, as Shayna has lived with one previously as well. Shayna is a very mellow girl who is always on her best behavior.

Sound like your perfect match? Contact the MSPCA Boston Animal Care and Adoption Center by calling 617-522-5055 or drop them a note at

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