May 21, 2019

Elated Elton

It’s time to check out your adoptable dog of the week, Boston. Get ready to fall in love with Elton.

Elton is an adorable 9 year old Chihuahua boy who has a typical little Chi boy personality. Elton’s story is a unique one! Just a few months ago, this handsome fella wandered through the front door of an old country church out in the middle of nowhere just in time for the a night sermon. He made his way through the legs of all the people in the crowd and found a warm spot on the front pew, where he very quietly listened to most of the sermon. True story!!

Elton prefers a home without children and cats. He will tolerate other dogs if he must but would love to be the only canine in your life. His cute little underbite is truly his best feature and in person it’s hilarious to see. He’s all of 8 lbs and long-legged with a very cute tail. He thinks he’s part cat as he loves the backs of chairs to lounge. Check him out in action in this video.

Elton is a PERFECT dog for anyone looking for a pal. He is content watching TV and when he wants to snuggle he will literally wrap himself around your neck like a scarf. Elton would do best in a quiet, laid-back home, as chaos is most certainly not this dog’s friend. This petite boy absolutely loves going for car rides and is crate trained. Elton is up to date on his vaccinations and he is neutered. Interested in adopting this wonderful dog? Visit the Paws New England website and complete an online adoption application.

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